Mount Gingera

Mount Gingera (1855 m) is the second highest mountain in the Australian Capital Territory. The mountain is the most prominent snow covered peak to be seen from Canberra in winter. It is part of the Brindabella Ranges on the border of the ACT and New South Wales. The sub-alpine sphagnum bogs on the flanks of Mount Gingera and nearby Mount Ginini to the north are known habitats of the endangered Northern Corroboree Frog (Pseudophryne pengilleyi). Mount Gingera may be reached by walking from Corin Dam up and along Stockyard Spur to its junction with the Mount Franklin Road. Continue south along the road, passing Pryors Hut before either following a track or simply climbing the moderate eastern slope. Alternatively you can approach the mountain by driving via the Mount Franklin Road and parking a vehicle at Mount Ginini before continuing on foot. In winter this road will generally be closed at Mount Franklin due to snow and it offers the northernmost cross country skiing terrain in the Australian Alps.

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