Mount - Displays and Equipment

Displays and Equipment

  • Weapon mount, equipment used to secure an armament
  • A fixed point for attaching equipment, such as a hardpoint on an airframe
  • Hanging scroll for mounting paintings
  • The display of an item on a heavy backing such as foamcore
    • Physically attaching a picture or a painting on to a support followed by framing with a picture frame.
    • Pinning up biological specimen on a heavy backing in a stretched stable position for ease of dissecting or display.
  • Preservation methods used for display e.g. in a museum of fixed dead biological specimen which can be classified into wet or dry methods.
    • Preparing dead animals for display in taxidermy
  • Mounting a coverslip on a specimen on a microscopic slide.
  • Telescope mount, a device used to support a telescope
  • Lens mount, an interface used to fix a lens to a camera

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