Milligan is a surname of Irish or Scottish origin. It may refer to:

  • Alexander William Milligan (1858-1921), Australian ornithologist
  • Alice Milligan (1865–1953), Irish nationalist and poet
  • Andy Milligan (1929–1991), American playwright, screenwriter, and film director
  • Billy Milligan (born 1955), noted sufferer of multiple personality disorder
  • Bruno Milligan fictional character
  • Deanna Milligan (born 1972), Canadian actress
  • Dustin Milligan (born 1985), Canadian film and television actor
  • Edward H. Milligan, Quaker historian
  • Eric Milligan (politician), Scottish politician
  • Frank Milligan (1870–1900), English cricketer
  • Hamin Milligan (born 1978), Arena Football League player
  • Hanik Milligan (born 1979), American football playere
  • John J. Milligan (1795–1875), American lawyer, judge and political figure
  • John Colborne Milligan (1867–1941), Ontario lawyer, judge and political figure
  • Jocko Milligan, born John Milligan (1861–1923), Major League Baseball player
  • John Milligan (baseball) (1904–1972), Major League Baseball player
  • Joseph Milligan, member of an American alternative rock band Anberlin
  • Keith Milligan (born 1950), Prince Edward Island politician
  • Lambdin P. Milligan (1812–1899) Lawyer and Confederate sympathizer
  • Lucy Milligan, fictional character
  • Luke Milligan (born 1976), a former tennis player from the United Kingdom
  • Mark Milligan, Australian footballer
  • Maurice M. Milligan (1884–1959), U.S. District Attorney for Western Missouri
  • Mike Milligan (born 1967), English former footballer of Irish descent.
  • Mike Milligan (coach), former head football coach at the University of Pittsburgh and basketball coach at the University of Tulsa
  • Mike Milligan (Canadian politician), current interim leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick
  • Owen Milligan, fictional character in the Degrassi series
  • Peter Milligan, graphic novelist
  • Randy Milligan (born 1961), a former professional baseball player
  • Rex Milligan, fictional character
  • Robert Milligan (1746–1809), English merchant and ship-owner
  • Robert Milligan (Bradford MP) (1786–1862), English politician
  • Spencer Milligan (fl. 1970s and 1980s), American actor
  • Spike Milligan (1918–2002), comedian, writer and actor
  • Stephen Milligan (1948–1994), British politician
  • William Milligan (1821–1892), Scottish theologian
  • William Rankine Milligan (1898–1971), Scottish politician

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Cynthia H. Milligan
... Cynthia Hardin Milligan is a director of Wells Fargo Company and a former dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln ... Milligan received her BA degree in French from the University of Kansas and her JD degree from the George Washington University National Law Center ... Milligan also served as director of banking and finance for the State of Nebraska ...
Lambdin P. Milligan - War
... It was widely believed that Milligan was involved in a huge conspiracy against the United States of America by the end of 1863 ... Union authorities were convinced that by May 1864 Milligan was in touch with Confederate agents ... Milligan was among those arrested on October 5, 1864 by order of General Alvin P ...
Milligan, Ohio
... Milligan is a small unincorporated community in southern Harrison Township, Perry County, Ohio, United States ... Milligan's main significance lies in its being the location of the lowest recorded temperature in Ohio history, -39º Fahrenheit ... It is believed that Milligan is so cold because of its location within the valley of the Moxahala Creek, into which cold air flows from the surrounding hills ...
Malford Milligan - Early Life
... Malford Milligan was born in Taylor, Texas, to Frank and Mary Milligan ... In 1981, after a period as a sociology student at Texas Tech University, Milligan moved to Austin to begin studies at the University of Texas ...
Larry Stephens
... was a BBC radio scriptwriter, best remembered for co-writing The Goon Show with Spike Milligan ... and then returned to The Goon Show to assist Milligan, during the latter's tougher moments ... From his association with Milligan, Stephens became involved with Associated London Scripts (ALS), and was said to have been "one of the most eye-catching ...

Famous quotes containing the word milligan:

    Contraceptives should be used on every conceivable occasion.
    —Spike Milligan (b. 1918)

    You silly twisted boy!
    —Spike Milligan (b. 1918)