Micro Ribbon

The micro ribbon or miniature ribbon connector is a common type of electrical connector used particularly in computer and telecommunications applications. Popularly referred to as a Centronics connector due to the widely used Centronics parallel interface, it is also known as a Telco, Amphenol, 25-pair, Delta ribbon or CHAMP connector. Although it was invented by Amphenol, many companies now produce it, such as 3M, Cinch Connectors, Tyco Electronics (formerly AMP), and Hirose Electric Group.

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Connectors - IEEE-488
... specifies a 24-pin Amphenol-designed micro ribbon connector ... Micro ribbon connectors have a D-shaped metal shell, but are larger than D-subminiature connectors ... They are sometimes called "Centronics connectors" after the 36-pin micro ribbon connector Centronics used for their printers ...

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