Michael Berg (Kabbalah Centre)

Michael Berg (born June 29, 1973) is Co-Director of the Kabbalah Centre alongside his mother Karen Berg and older brother Yehuda Berg. He is the son of Philip Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre. Michael edited an unabridged English translation of the Zohar. He is also a cofounder of Raising Malawi.

Michael Berg is the author of several books on Kabbalah. Included among them are Secrets of The Zohar, Becoming Like God, The Way, The Secret, Well of Life, What God Meant, and Days of Connection.

In 2010, Michael launched UKabbalah http://www.ukabbalah.com/home, an online learning platform aimed at making the study of Kabbalah more accessible to the wider public. Offering interactive lectures and live events, UKabbalah has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a webinar phenomenon http://magazine.wsj.com/features/phenomenon/live-aid/2/.

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