Longa can refer to any of the following:

  • The longa is a musical note twice as long in duration as a breve, appearing primarily in Early music.
  • Longa, a genre in Turkish and Arabic music
  • Longa is the name of a town and river in Angola.
  • Longa (Greek: Λόγγα) is also a place in Messinia in Greece, in the municipality of Aipeia.
  • Longa Island is an island near Gairloch in Scotland.
  • Longa Stacks, small islets off the west coast of Unst, Shetland, Scotland.

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Latin Kings Of Alba Longa - Background
... For more details on this topic, see Alba Longa ... In Roman mythology, the Kingdom of Alba Longa was an ancient monarchy located in the present-day region of Latium in Italy ... Its capital was Alba Longa but it included other cities such as Lavinium and Latium ...
Stow Longa
... Stow Longa – in Huntingdonshire (now part of Cambridgeshire), England – is a village near Tilbrook west of Huntingdon and two miles north of Kimbolton ... Stow Longa's original name was Stow or Long Stow, which comes from the Old English word stōw (meaning 'holy place') and the Latin word longa or Old English lang (meani ... Altogether, Stow Longa's name may mean 'the long holy place' or 'an extended settlement which is a holy place', though this is only a rough guess ...
Longa Island
... Longa Island (Gaelic Longa) is an uninhabited island at the mouth of Gair Loch on the west coast of Scotland ...
Longa (Middle Eastern Music)
... A longa (Arabic لونجا‎) is a genre that was adapted from the Romanian music, also influenced by the Byzantine music, with many elements of syrtos dance in the late 19th century ... A common form of longa is longa Nahawand (لونجا نهاوند), in the maqam Nahawand ...