List of United States Political Families (B) - The Bowdles and Eyres

The Bowdles and Eyres

  • T. Lawrence Eyre (1862–1926), Pennsylvania State Senator 1917-1922. Third cousin of Stanley E. Bowdle.
  • Stanley E. Bowdle (1868–1919), delegate to the Ohio Constitutional Convention 1912, U.S. Representative from Ohio 1913-1915, candidate for U.S. Representative from Ohio 1916, Mayor of Clifton, Ohio. Third cousin of T. Lawrence Eyre.
    • Joseph L. Eyre (1905–1976), Mayor of Chester, Pennsylvania 1956-1963. Fourth cousin once removed of T. Lawrence Eyre and Stanley E. Bowdle.

NOTE: Joseph L. Eyre was also a descendant of Pennsylvania State Representative John Larkin, Jr.

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