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The Tutors

Tutors are monsters who are very intelligent and authoritative by nature, so as to have assumed a supervisory role over the other monsters of the Suspended City, and protect them from the Monster-Ska and the dangers of the world of humans.

  • Guard Tutors - They have the task of enforcing the law at all Monsters is the Suspended city, and they follow directly to the Maximum Tutors.
  • Maximum Tutors - They have the highest authority, and represents the law and govern the world of monsters. In the suspended city, the most powerful among them are the Great Council, and they are: Bartleby-Bath, Carnaby-Croth, Deputy-Deth and Jeremy-Joth.
  • Natural Tutors - These Tutors are sent into the world of humans. When they do they take the form of cats, a discreet enough creature so they can get around without being noticed. They are in charge of monitoring the operation of the Detention Oasis, by protecting and re-educating the monster prisoners.
  • Stellar Tutors - These are Tutors given to those who are honored and merit in experience, regardless of the position.

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