Language Teaching

  • (noun): Teaching people to speak and understand a foreign language.

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British Association For Applied Linguistics - History
... in its practical application - for example, in language teaching and learning ... A group of theoretical linguists, educators and other professionals using language "as a tool" would establish much-need cross-disciplinary contacts ... itself with initially, it was suggested that it might focus on language teaching and machine translation, but the first full meeting in 1967 in Reading, Berkshire agreed to ...
Modern Foreign Languages - Acronyms and Abbreviations
... See also English language learning and teaching for information on language teaching acronyms and abbreviations which are specific to English ... ALL Apprenticeship Language Learning CALL computer-assisted language learning CLIL content and language integrated learning CELI Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana CLL community language ... This article is about travel-teaching ...
Scott Thornbury
... academic and teacher trainer in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT) ... Along with Luke Meddings, Thornbury is credited with developing the Dogme language teaching approach, which emphasizes meaningful interaction and emergent language over ... Two of these, 'Natural Grammar' and 'Teaching Unplugged', have won the British Council's "ELTon" Award for Innovation, the top award in the industry (in 2004 and 2010, respectively) ...
Mark Warschauer - Sample Publications - Edited and Co-edited Books
... Network-based language teaching Concepts and practice ... (Ed.) (1996) Telecollaboration in foreign language learning ... Honolulu, HI University of Hawai'i Second Language Teaching and Curriculum Center ...
Modern Foreign Languages - History of Foreign Language Education - 19th–20th Century
... Innovation in foreign language teaching began in the 19th century and became very rapid in the 20th century ... They worked on setting language teaching principles and approaches based on linguistic and psychological theories, but they left many of the specific ... Those looking at the history of foreign-language education in the 20th century and the methods of teaching (such as those related below) might be tempted to think that it is a history ...

Famous quotes containing the words teaching and/or language:

    History is Philosophy teaching by examples.
    Thucydides (c. 460–400 B.C.)

    The hypothesis I wish to advance is that ... the language of morality is in ... grave disorder.... What we possess, if this is true, are the fragments of a conceptual scheme, parts of which now lack those contexts from which their significance derived. We possess indeed simulacra of morality, we continue to use many of the key expressions. But we have—very largely if not entirely—lost our comprehension, both theoretical and practical, of morality.
    Alasdair Chalmers MacIntyre (b. 1929)