Kong may refer to:

  • King Kong, a fictional giant ape appearing in several films and other works
  • Kōng, a concept in Chinese Zen Buddhism
  • Kong (dog toy)
  • KONG (TV), a television station in Washington, United States
  • Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom), a roller coaster
  • Donkey Kong, a series of video games that feature various ape characters that use the Kong name
    • Donkey Kong (character), a fictional character from the series of the same name
  • The Mighty Kong, an unoffcial animated adaptation of the King Kong
  • Kong: The Animated Series, an unoffcial animated series based on the King Kong character
  • Mammoth Kong, a gigantic ape monster from the Moonlight Mask
  • Marine Kong. A 1960 Japanese TV show produced by Nisan Productions, that featured a huge robotic Dinosaur. The first TV series in Japan to star a Daikaiju.
  • Blues Kong, a blue colored bulldog/ape hybrid from Android Kikaider
  • Kong Island, a 1968 film
  • Kong (band), a Dutch progressive metal band
  • Kong the Untamed, a 1975 comicbook series
  • Giant Robots Kongs, various characters from the Dai Sentai Goggle-V series
  • Jake Kong, one of the three main characters from the original The Ghost Busters
  • Kong, a one-handed block in volleyball
  • "Kong", a song by Tenacious D, released as a B-side on the "POD" single
  • The nickname or abbreviation for game site, Kongregate

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