John Walvoord - Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ, John Walvoord, Moody Publishers (1966), ISBN 0-8024-7309-1
  • Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation, John Walvoord, Moody Publishers (1971), ISBN 0-8024-1753-1
  • Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis, Zondervan. (1974, rev. ed. 1976 and 1990), ISBN 0-310-53921-8
  • Jesus Christ Our Lord, John F Walvoord, Moody Publishers (1974), ISBN 0-8024-4326-5
  • Major Bible Themes (with Lewis Sperry Chafer) (1974)
  • The Blessed Hope and the Tribulation: A Historical and Biblical Study of Posttribulationism (1976)
  • The Rapture Question (1979)
  • The Millennial Kingdom (1983)
  • The Bible Knowledge Commentary, (with Roy B. Zuck), Cook Communications (1989), ISBN 0-89693-800-X
  • The Holy Spirit: A Comprehensive Study of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (1991)
  • (contributor) Five Views on Sanctification (1996)
  • (contributor) Four Views on Hell, Zondervan Corp. (1996), ISBN 0-310-53311-2
  • Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come, The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago (1974), ISBN 0-8024-5189-6
  • The Final Drama: Fourteen Keys to Understanding the Prophetic Scriptures, Kregel Publications (1998), ISBN 0-8254-3971-X
  • Every Prophecy of the Bible, Cook Communications (1999), ISBN 1-56476-758-2
  • The Church in Prophecy: Exploring God's Purpose for the Present Age, Kregel Publications (1999), ISBN 0-8254-3968-X
  • The Power of Praying Together: Experiencing Christ Actively in Charge, (with Oliver W. Price) Kregel Publications (1999), ISBN 0-8254-3552-8
  • Major Bible Prophecies, Zondervan Corp. (1999), ISBN 0-310-23467-0
  • Blessed Hope, (Autobiography with Mal Couch), AMG Publishers (2001), ISBN 0-89957-361-4
  • Prophecy in the New Millennium, Kregel Publications (2001), ISBN 80-254-3967-1

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