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Gabriel Fackre - Publications - Contributions To Volumes
... on Justification in Ecumenical and Evangelical Perspective," John Calvin and Evangelical Theology, Sung Wook Chung, ed ... Westminster John Knox, 2009 ... United Church Press, 2006 ...
Aloys Grillmeier - Bibliography - Books
1 From the Apostolic Age to Chalcedon (451), Louisville Westminster John Knox Press, 1975, ISBN 0-664-22301-X Volume 2 From the Council of Chalcedon /451/ to Gregory the Great /590-60 ... of Justinian, Louisville Westminster John Knox Press, 1986, ISBN 0-664-22160-2 Part Two The Church in Constantinople in the sixth century, Theresia Hainthaler (co-author), John Cawte, Pauline Allen (transl ... from German), Louisville, Kentucky – London Westminster John Knox Press – Mowbray, 1995, p ...
John H. Leith - Bibliography
... Leith, John H. ... John Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Life ... Louisville, Ky Westminster/John Knox Press, 1989 ...
N. T. Wright - Selected Works - For Everyone Series
... SPCK and Westminster John Knox Press, 2004 ... SPCK and Westminster John Knox Press, 2004 ... SPCK and Westminster John Knox Press, 2004 ...

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    The eating of a MacDonald’s meal is like the reading of Reader’s Digest—small, easily digested, carefully processed, carefully cut down, abridged. Reader’s Digest gives us knowledge that is easily compartmentalized, simplified, ideologically sound.
    Clive Bloom, British educator. “MacDonald’s Man Meets Reader’s Digest,” Readings in Popular Culture: Trivial Pursuits?, St. Martin’s Press (1990)

    Reprehension is a kind of middle thing betwixt admonition and correction: it is sharpe admonition, but a milde correction. It is rather to be used because it may be a meanes to prevent strokes and blowes, especially in ingenuous and good natured children. [Blows are] the last remedy which a parent can use: a remedy which may doe good when nothing else can.
    William Gouge, Puritan writer. As quoted in The Rise and Fall of Childhood by C. John Sommerville, ch. 11 (rev. 1990)

    Death is an incident producing clay. Use it, mold it, learn from it.
    John Gilling, British screenwriter. Dr. Knox (Peter Cushing)