Jiao may refer to:

  • Horn (Chinese constellation), or Jiao (角宿), a Chinese constellation
  • Jiaolong, or Jiao (蛟), a Chinese dragon
  • Jiao (currency) (角), a unit of currency in China, one-tenth of a Chinese yuan or dollar
  • Jiao (surname), a Chinese surname
  • Jiao River, in Shandong, China

Other articles related to "jiao":

Jiao Zhimin
... Jiao Zhimin (Chinese 焦志敏 December 1, 1963) is a female Chinese former table tennis player ... In recent years Jiao has hosted a talk show on China's CCTV-5 television sports channel ...
List Of Dynasty Warriors Characters - Others - Zhang Jiao / Chou Kaku / 張角
... Further information Zhang Jiao Zhang Jiao is the leader of the Yellow Turban rebels ... For his Musou Mode in the mainstream games, Zhang Jiao travels around the land and defeats various local warlords before engaging defendants of the Han Dynasty under He Jin's command in his last stage ... In the Xtreme Legends versions Zhang Jiao leads his followers to the "Promised Land" while traveling across China and facing attacks from hostile warlords ...
History Of Wrestling - Eastern Martial Arts - China
... Further information Shuai jiao "Jiao li" (角力) was a public sport in the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC) held for court amusement as well as for recruiting the ... Competitors wrestled each other on a raised platform called a "lei tai" The term "shuai jiao" was chosen by the Central Guoshu Academy of Nanjing in 1928 when competition rules ...
Sun Jiao
... Sun Jiao (died 219), style name Shulang (叔朗), was the third son of Sun Jing, younger brother of the warlord Sun Jian during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history ... Along with the rest of his family, Sun Jiao served Eastern Wu as a military general ... Sun Jiao's biography in Chen Shou's Records of Three Kingdoms stated that once, while drinking with fellow commander Gan Ning, Sun Jiao made a comment under the influence ...
Jiao-Liao Mandarin
... Jiao–Liao or Jiaoliao Mandarin (simplified Chinese 胶辽官话 traditional Chinese 膠遼官話 pinyin Jiāoliáo guānhuà ) is a primary dialect of Mandarin Chinese spoken ... Yantai, Dalian, and Weihai dialects are the standard Jiao-Liao Mandarin ... Jiao-Liao Mandarin is also called Lai (Hanzi 萊 Kanji 莱), for the state of Lai and its people who lived on the Jiao-Liao Peninsulas ...