Jay, New York - Communities and Locations in Jay

Communities and Locations in Jay

  • Au Sable Forks – Town of Jay Offices, Elementary Schools (2), Businesses and Services, Eateries and Shopping. Where the East Branch of the Ausable River meets the West Branch of the Ausable River. Former home to the J&J Rogers Company - Iron and later Paper Pulp. This hamlet spreads into Clinton County to the North (Town of Black Brook).
  • Green Street – A location southeast of Au Sable Forks.
  • Jay – (formerly "Mallory's Bush") – The hamlet of Jay in on NY-9N by the East Branch of the Ausable River. It is considered the oldest settlement in the town.
  • North Jay – A hamlet northeast of Jay village, located on County Road 64.
  • Rome – A small hamlet west of Au Sable Forks on the Ausable River.
  • Upper Jay – A hamlet southwest of Jay village near the southwest corner of the town on NY-9N and the East Branch of the Ausable River.
  • Au Sable Acres – A small community located near the banks of the West Branch Ausable River above the old mill dam, comprising several hundred year-round inhabitants.

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