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Matanikau Offensive - Action
... Facing the Marines was the Japanese 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry under Major Masao Tamura ... Vandegrift's staff, decided to try to encircle the Japanese defenders around Point Cruz ... They ordered 1/5 and 3/5 to continue to press the Japanese along the coast the next day while 2/5 wheeled north to envelop their adversaries west and south of Point Cruz ...
Battle Of North Borneo - Battle
... these landings were largely unopposed as the Japanese defenders had withdrawn from the beaches on the peninsula and Muara Island had been abandoned ... found the 37 oil wells ablaze, having been deliberately lit by the Japanese defenders, and engineers from the 2/3rd Field Company were called up to put out the ... fighting on Labuan intensified during this time as the Japanese defenders retreated inland to a heavily fortified position known as "the Pocket" and attempted to hold the ...
3rd Battalion 3rd Marines - World War II (1942–1945) - Guam (1944)
... Within minutes the Japanese defenders opened up with mortars and machine guns, hitting many 3rd Battalion Marines coming ashore ... Both Kilo and India Companies rushed the Chonito Cliffs but the Japanese defenders (Elements of the 2d Battalion, 18th Regiment and 320th Independent Infantry Battalion) resisted strongly ... The US Navy sent a destroyer to blast the Japanese caves at point-blank range and 3rd Battalion flamethrowers burned out Japanese soldiers who still remained ...
Battle Of Iwo Jima - Raising The Flag
... By then, the Marines knew that the Japanese defenders had an extensive network of below-ground defenses, and knew that in spite of its isolation above ground, the volcano was ... The Marines did encounter small groups of Japanese defenders on Suribachi, but the majority of the Japanese troops stayed in the tunnel network and only occasionally ... flag over Mount Suribachi the first foreign flag to fly on Japanese soil ...

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    The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    No human being can tell what the Russians are going to do next, and I think the Japanese actions will depend much on what Russia decides to do both in Europe and the Far East—especially in Europe.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)