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Television Credits

Year Program Credit Notes
1998–2002 Felicity creator, writer, executive producer, director, co-composer of theme music
2001–2006 Alias creator, writer, executive producer, director, theme music composer
2005 The Catch creator, executive producer
2004–2010 Lost co-creator, executive producer, writer, theme music composer, director
2007 The Office guest director Season 3, Episode 18
2006–2007 What About Brian executive producer
Six Degrees executive producer
2006 Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest director
2008–present Fringe co-creator, executive producer, theme music composer, writer
2009 Anatomy of Hope executive producer, writer, director pilot
2010 Undercovers co-creator, executive producer, writer, director, theme music composer
2011–present Person of Interest executive producer, theme music composer
2012 Alcatraz executive producer, theme music composer
Shelter executive producer pilot
Family Guy guest star episode: Ratings Guy
2012–present Revolution executive producer

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