Human Tutors

Some articles on human tutors:

Intelligent Tutoring System - Current and Future Directions
... Some aspects that human tutors can do that intelligent tutoring systems are still limited by are in the areas of dialogue and feedback ... One reason for these limitations are that human tutors are able to interpret the affective state of the student ... Human tutors have the ability to understand a person’s tone and inflection within a dialogue and interpret this to provide continual feedback through an ...
Intelligent Tutoring System - Effectiveness
... overall effectiveness of ITS, often by comparisons of ITS to human tutors ... early ITS systems (1995) showed an effect size of d = 1.0 in comparison to no tutoring, where as human tutors were given an effect size of d = 2.0 ... found that there was no statistical difference in effect size between expert one-on-one human tutors and step-based ITS ...

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