Holy Place

  • (noun): A sacred place of pilgrimage.
    Synonyms: sanctum, holy

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Taejang Ceremony - The Geographical Features of Taejang
... luck, Korean ancestors kept Tae in a special place, and buried it in a holy place ... The place was chosen, according to Pungsujiriseol ... The best place for Tae was semisphere-formed land, which was located higher than the surroundings, but must not be linked with any high top of a mountain ...
Venkateswara - Legend
... and kicked the Lord on His chest, the place where Mahalakshmi resides ... It stands as a special place, commemorating the marriage between the two ... Ramanuja was inspired by the Holy Hymns of the Alwars singing the glory of the Lord of the Seven Hills ...
Stow Longa
... was Stow or Long Stow, which comes from the Old English word stōw (meaning 'holy place') and the Latin word longa or Old English lang (meaning 'long') ... Altogether, Stow Longa's name may mean 'the long holy place' or 'an extended settlement which is a holy place', though this is only a rough guess ...
Heavenly Sanctuary - Teaching - Summary
... Israelites to the sanctuary, through the ministration of the priests in the "holy place" of the tabernacle (cf ... Accordingly, Jesus ministered in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary from his ascension until 1844 ... In 1844 he entered the most holy place, or holy of holies, to cleanse the heavenly sanctuary of its defilement ...

Famous quotes containing the words holy place, place and/or holy:

    When Catholicism goes bad it becomes the world-old, world-wide religio of amulets and holy places and priestcraft. Protestantism, in its corresponding decay, becomes a vague mist of ethical platitudes. Catholicism is accused of being too much like all the other religions; Protestantism of being insufficiently like a religion at all. Hence Plato, with his transcendent Forms, is the doctor of Protestants; Aristotle, with his immanent Forms, the doctor of Catholics.
    —C.S. (Clive Staples)

    In a language known to us, we have substituted the opacity of the sounds with the transparence of the ideas. But a language we do not know is a closed place in which the one we love can deceive us, making us, locked outside and convulsed in our impotence, incapable of seeing or preventing anything.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    The angel said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God.”
    Bible: New Testament, Luke 1:35.