Hindu Calendar

Hindu calendar is a collective name for most of the lunisolar calendars and solar calendars used in India since ancient times. Since ancient times it has undergone many changes in the process of regionalization and today there are several regional Indian Hindu calendars. It has also been standardized as Indian national calendar. Nepali calendar, Bengali calendar, Malayalam calendar, Tamil calendar, Telugu calendar, Kannada calendar etc. are some prominent regional Hindu calendars. The common feature of all regional Hindu calendars is that the names of the twelve months are the same (because the names are based in Sanskrit) though the spelling and pronunciation have come to vary slightly from region to region over thousands of years. The month which starts the year also varies from region to region.

Most of the Hindu calendars are inherited from a system first enunciated in Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa's of Lagadha, a late BCE adjunct to the Veda-s, standardized in the Sūrya Siddhānta (3rd century CE) and subsequently reformed by astronomers such as Āryabhaṭṭa (499 CE), Varāhamihira (6th c. CE), and Bhāskara II (12th c. CE). Differences and regional variations abound in these computations, but the following is a general overview of Hindu lunisolar calendar.

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