• (adj): Produced from an egg.
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Land Snail - Biology - Reproduction
... Newly hatched snails obtain this by eating the egg from which they hatched ... Their shell is usually slightly smaller than the egg they hatched from, but their length when out of their shell is slightly greater than the egg diameter ... Roughly three months after they have hatched, they will look like miniature versions of their mature kin ...
Massospondylus - Paleobiology - Reproduction
... The forelimbs were of equal length to the hindlimbs, indicating that newly hatched Massospondylus were quadrupedal, unlike the bipedal adults ... head indicate that a effective locomotion was not possible for newly hatched Massospondylus ... Newly hatched juveniles are known from a second prosauropod, Mussaurus these remains resemble those of the embryonic Massospondylus, suggesting that quadrupedality was present in ...
Chicken Or The Egg - Responses To The Dilemma - Science
... These eggs then hatched into chickens that inbred to produce a living population ... Since this arbitrary distinction cannot be made until after the egg has hatched, one would have to first find the original chicken, then from this find the first egg it laid ... view is that at whatever point the threshold was crossed and the first chicken was hatched, it had to hatch from an egg ...
Treatment Of Human Head Lice - Heated Air
... in killing lice and eggs and shows up to 98% mortality of eggs and 80% mortality of hatched eggs ... more effective than a hair dryer at killing hatched lice, but both are almost equally effective at killing eggs ... The louseBuster requires only a single session since it also kills hatched lice ...
Dalt - M - Meyanok
... the progenitor of Vara, Damaran, and Berna, who hatched from eggs spawned from the mating of Meyanok's anger and lust ... The first egg hatched to reveal Vara, goddess of fear ... From the second egg hatched Damaran, god of vermin, and from the third egg hatched Berna, the goddess of hatred and vengeance ...

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  • (adj): Shaded by means of fine parallel or crossed lines.
    Synonyms: crosshatched

Famous quotes containing the word hatched:

    Cursed be the hand that fired the shot,
    The frenzied brain that hatched the plot,
    Thy country’s Father slain
    By thee, thou worse than Cain!
    Richard Henry Stoddard (1825–1903)

    Roland, who to Charles his King
    And to the dove that hatched the dovetailed world
    Was faithful unto death, and shamed the Devil.
    Richard Wilbur (b. 1921)