Glenwood may refer to:

  • Glenwood, New South Wales
  • Glenwood, Queensland
  • Glenwood, Alberta (village)
  • Glenwood, Alberta (former hamlet)
  • Glenwood, Edmonton, a neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Glenwood, Manitoba
  • Glenwood, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Glenwood, Nova Scotia
  • Glenwood, Ireland, in County Clare
South Africa
  • Glenwood, KwaZulu-Natal, a suburb of Durban
United States
  • Glenwood, Alabama
  • Glenwood, Arkansas
  • Glenwood, California
  • Glenwood Canyon, Colorado
  • Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • Glenwood, Georgia
  • Glenwood Historic District (Thomasville, Georgia), listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in Thomas County, Georgia
  • Glenwood, Illinois
  • Glenwood, Indiana
  • Glenwood, Iowa
  • Glenwood, Hawaii
  • Glenwood Plantation, Maine
  • Glenwood, Howard County, Maryland
  • Glenwood, Michigan
  • Glenwood, Minnesota
  • Glenwood Township, Gage County, Nebraska
  • Glenwood, New Jersey, part of Vernon Township
  • Glenwood, New Mexico
  • Glenwood, New York
  • Glenwood (Troy, New York), listed on the NRHP in Rensselaer County, New York
  • Glenwood (Enon, North Carolina), listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Yadkin County, North Carolina
  • Glenwood (Raleigh, North Carolina), listed on the NRHP in Wake County, North Carolina
  • Glenwood, Oregon (disambiguation), three different unincorporated communities
  • Glenwood Historic District (Chattanooga, Tennessee), listed on the NRHP in Hamilton County, Tennessee
  • Glenwood Historic District (Clarksville, Tennessee), listed on the NRHP in Montgomery County, Tennessee
  • Glenwood, Utah
  • Glenwood, Washington (disambiguation)
  • Glenwood, West Virginia (disambiguation)
  • Glenwood City, Wisconsin

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Glenwood, Howard County, Maryland
... Glenwood is an unincorporated community in Howard County, Maryland, United States ... features acres of open space and is districted to Bushy Park Elementary, Glenwood and Folly Quarter Middle, and Glenelg High schools ...
Glenwood National Forest
... Glenwood National Forest was established by the U.S ... On July 1, 1908 Glenwood was transferred to Fishlake National Forest and the name was discontinued ...
Glenwood Houses
... The Glenwood Houses is a 22.39-acre (9.06 ha) moderate to low income housing development (formally, and still popularly, known as a project) in the Flatlands ... The Glenwood Houses were built during the post-World War II era when NYCHA reached its peak in construction of public housing projects (1945 - 65) ... Unlike the majority of NYCHA post-war projects, Glenwood is not a high rise facility, but rather a moderate-sized development ...
R-Line (bus Service) - List of Stops
... R1 - State Capitol R2 - State Government R3 - Seaboard Station R4 - West Street R5 - Glenwood South at Tucker Street R6 - Glenwood South at North Street R7 - Glenwood South at Willard R8 - Morgan Street at ...
Pittsburgh Railways - Car Barns - Glenwood
... Glenwood Car Barn served the 55, 56, 57, 58, 65 and 98 routes and housed approximately 54 cars ...