Genetic Algorithms

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Stylometry - Methods - Genetic Algorithms
... The genetic algorithm is another artificial intelligence technique used in stylometry ... This involves a method that starts out with a set of rules ...
Gene Expression Programming - Background
... Evolutionary algorithms use populations of individuals, select individuals according to fitness, and introduce genetic variation using one or more genetic operators ... it was with the introduction of evolution strategies by Rechenberg in 1965 that evolutionary algorithms gained popularity ... A good overview text on evolutionary algorithms is the book β€œAn Introduction to Genetic Algorithms” by Mitchell (1996) ...
Searching The Conformational Space For Docking - Genetic Algorithms
... Genetic algorithms allow the exploration of a large conformational space – which is basically spanned by the protein and ligand jointly in this case ... Although genetic algorithms are quite successful in sampling the large conformational space, many docking programs require the protein to remain fixed, while allowing only the ligand to ... Genetic algorithms also require multiple runs to obtain reliable answers regarding ligands that may bind to the protein ...

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    Nature, we are starting to realize, is every bit as important as nurture. Genetic influences, brain chemistry, and neurological development contribute strongly to who we are as children and what we become as adults. For example, tendencies to excessive worrying or timidity, leadership qualities, risk taking, obedience to authority, all appear to have a constitutional aspect.
    Stanley Turecki (20th century)