Ft or ft. may mean:

  • Foot (length), a unit of distance or length
  • Fair Trade, the principle to give a fair price when trading
  • Hungarian forint, the currency of Hungary
  • Fort, a fortified place, especially in place names
  • ft., the abbreviation for the word featuring, a recording industry term used to credit a musician who is not the main artist for their performance on a song
  • fischertechnik, a brand of construction toy
  • .ft, the filename extension of Lotus Notes full type indexes
  • A diesel locomotive, EMD FT
  • Impulse (Force times Time)

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Šiauliai - Geography
... Altitude Rėkyvos the lake water level - 129.8 m (425.85 ft) above sea level, Talsos lake level - 103.0 m (337.93 ft) in the city center - 128.4 m (421.26 ft ...
2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami - Earthquake Characteristics - Energy Released
... the natural Chandler wobble of the Earth, which in some cases can be up to 15 m (50 ft), will eventually offset the minor wobble produced by the earthquake ... More spectacularly, there was 10 m (33 ft) movement laterally and 4–5 m (13–16 ft) vertically along the fault line ... Plate), might have moved south-west by up to 36 m (120 ft), but more accurate data released more than a month after the earthquake found the movement to be about 20 ...
... to 15 tonnes (33,000 lb) and is built on a square base with sides measuring about 230 m (755 ft), covering 13 acres ... The original height of the Pyramid was 146.5 m (488 ft), but today it is only 137 m (455 ft) high, the 9 m (33 ft) that is missing is due to the theft of the fine quality ...
Gloster Meteor - Specifications (Meteor F.8)
... General characteristics Crew 1 Length 44 ft 7 in (13.59 m) Wingspan 37 ft 2 in (11.32 m) Height 13 ft 0 in (3.96 m) Wing area 350 ft² (32.52 m²) Empty weight 10,684 lb (4,846 kg) Loaded weight 15,700 lb (7,121 ...
Moose - Biology and Behavior - Size and Weight
... On average, an adult moose stands 1.4–2.1 m (4.6–6.9 ft) high at the shoulder, which is more than a foot higher than the next largest deer on average ... length is 2.4–3.2 m (7.9–10 ft), with the vestigal tail adding only a further 5–12 cm (2.0–4.7 in) ... gigas), which can stand over 2.1 m (7 ft) at the shoulder, has a span across the antlers of 1.8 m (6 ft) and averages 634.5 kg (1,396 lbs) in males and 478 kg (1,052 lbs) in females ...