Forest Preserve District of Cook County - Facilities By Region - Region 7: Southwest Cook County

Region 7: Southwest Cook County

Sag Valley Division

Includes: Black Partridge Preserve, Cap Sauer’s Preserve, John J. Duffy Preserve, Edward M. Sneed Forest

Activity Areas · Bergman Slough · Black Partridge Woods · Cap Sauers Holding · Cherry Hill Woods · Forty Acre Woods · Horsetail Lake · McGinnis Slough · McClaughrey Spring Woods · Orland Grassland · Orland Grove · Paddock Woods · Palos Park Woods-North · Palos Park Woods-South · Papoose Lake · Sag Quarries · Sagawau Environmental Learning Center · Southland Volunteer Resource Center · Swallow Cliff Woods-North · Swallow Cliff Woods-South · Tampier Greenway Family Picnic Area · Tampier Lake Boating Center · Tampier Lake-North · Tampier Lake-West · Teason’s Woods

Trail Systems · Centennial (Unpaved) · Sag Valley (Unpaved)

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