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Presidential elections results
Year Republican Democrat
2008 38.9% 200,914 60.1% 310,359
2004 45.9% 211,980 53.3% 245,671
2000 48.9% 202,181 47.5% 196,501
1996 48.2% 176,033 46.6% 170,150
1992 44.3% 170,488 41.6% 160,186
1988 61.1% 200,641 38.3% 125,711
1984 62.9% 183,181 36.8% 107,295
1980 57.4% 137,620 30.8% 73,734
1976 53.6% 110,424 44.7% 92,037
1972 66.3% 112,135 32.4% 54,844
1968 49.0% 57,462 38.2% 44,796
1964 38.7% 30,755 61.2% 48,680
1960 51.7% 26,064 48.1% 28,006

The county is governed by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, composed of nine members elected from single-member districts and a chairman elected at-large. The districts are named Braddock, Dranesville, Hunter Mill, Lee, Mason, Mount Vernon, Providence, Springfield, and Sully.

The Fairfax County Government Center is west of the city of Fairfax in an unincorporated area. Fairfax County contains an exclave unincorporated area located in the central business district of the City of Fairfax, in which many county facilities (including the courthouses and jail) are located.

Fairfax County was once considered a Republican bastion. However, in recent years Democrats have made significant inroads, gaining control of the Board of Supervisors and the School Board (officially nonpartisan) as well as the offices of Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney. Democrats also control the majority of Fairfax seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate.

Fairfax County encompasses portions of three congressional districts, the 8th District, the 10th District, and the 11th District. Republican Frank Wolf represents the 10th District, while Democrat Jim Moran represents the 8th District and Democrat Gerry Connolly represents the 11th District.

Communities closer to Washington, D.C. generally favor Democrats by a larger margin than do the outlying communities. In elections in 2000, 2001, and 2005, Fairfax County supported Democrats for U.S. Senate and governor. In 2004, John Kerry won the county, becoming the first Democrat to do so since Lyndon B. Johnson in his 1964 landslide (the last time Democrats carried the state until 2008). Kerry defeated George W. Bush in the county 53% to 46%.

Democratic Governor Tim Kaine carried Fairfax County with over 60% of the vote in 2005, leading him to win 51.7% of votes statewide. On November 7, 2006, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Webb (D) carried the county with about 58.9% of the votes.

In the state and local elections of November 2007, Fairfax Democrats picked up one seat in the House of Delegates, two seats in the Senate, and one seat on the Board of Supervisors, making their majority there 8-2.

On November 4, 2008, Fairfax County continued its shift towards the Democrats, with Barack Obama and Mark Warner each garnering over 60% of the vote for president and U.S. Senate, respectively. Also, the Fairfax-anchored 11th District United States House of Representatives seat held by Thomas M. Davis for 14 years was won by Gerry Connolly, the Democratic Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Braddock supervisor Sharon Bulova won a special election on February 3, 2009 to succeed Gerry Connolly as chairman of the Board of Supervisors, continuing a Democratic hold on the office of chairman that dates back to 1995. Delegate David Marsden won a special election on January 12, 2010 to succeed Ken Cuccinelli in the 37th State Senate district. Following this election, Fairfax County is now represented in the Virginia State Senate by an all-Democratic delegation.

The Democratic trend did not continue in November 2009, however, as Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell won Fairfax County with 51% of the vote on his way to statewide victory.

In the 2010 congressional elections, Republican challenger Keith Fimian nearly defeated Democratic incumbent Gerry Connolly in the election for the 11th District seat, but Connolly won by 981 votes out of over 225,000 cast (a margin of 0.4%). Jim Moran and Frank Wolf were re-elected by margins of 61%-37% and 63%-35%, respectively.

County Board of Supervisors
Position Name Party First Election District
Chairman Sharon Bulova Democratic Party 2009 At-Large
Supervisor John Cook Republican Party 2009 Braddock
Supervisor John Foust Democratic Party 2007 Dranesville
Supervisor Cathy Hudgins Democratic Party 1999 Hunter Mill
Supervisor Jeff McKay Democratic Party 2007 Lee
Supervisor Penelope Gross Democratic Party 1995 Mason
Supervisor Gerald Hyland Democratic Party 1988 Mount Vernon
Supervisor Linda Smyth Democratic Party 2003 Providence
Supervisor Pat Herrity Republican Party 2007 Springfield
Supervisor Michael Frey Republican Party 1991 Sully
Constitutional Officers
Position Name Party First Election District
Sheriff Stan Barry Democrat 1999 County-Wide
Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Morrogh Democrat 2007 County-Wide
Clerk of Circuit Court John T. Frey Republican 1991 County-Wide
Representatives to the Virginia House of Delegates
Position Name Party First Election District
Delegate Barbara Comstock Republican Party 2009 34
Delegate Mark Keam Democratic Party 2009 35
Delegate Ken Plum Democratic Party 1977 36
Delegate David Bulova Democratic Party 2005 37
Delegate Kaye Kory Democratic Party 2009 38
Delegate Vivian E. Watts Democratic Party 1995 39
Delegate Tim Hugo Republican Party 2001 40
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn Democratic Party 2010 41
Delegate Dave Albo Republican Party 1993 42
Delegate Mark D. Sickles Democratic Party 2003 43
Delegate Scott Surovell Democratic Party 2009 44
Delegate David L. Englin Democratic Party 2005 45
Delegate Charniele Herring Democratic Party 2009 46
Delegate Alfonso Lopez Democratic Party 2011 49
Delegate Jim Scott Democratic Party 1991 53
Delegate James LeMunyon Republican Party 2009 67
Delegate Tom Rust Republican Party 2001 86
Representatives to the Virginia State Senate
Position Name Party First Election District
Senator Adam Ebbin Democratic Party 2011 30
Senator Barbara Favola Democratic Party 2011 31
Senator Janet Howell Democratic Party 1991 32
Senator Mark Herring Democratic Party 2006 33
Senator Chap Petersen Democratic Party 2007 34
Senator Richard L. Saslaw Democratic Party 1980 35
Senator Toddy Puller Democratic Party 2000 36
Senator Dave Marsden Democratic Party 2010 37
Senator George Barker Democratic Party 2007 39

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