Faire may refer to:

  • Renaissance fair
    • Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California a U.S. annual event
    • Bristol Renaissance Faire, a U.S. major event in the Midwest
    • New York Renaissance Faire, a U.S. annual event
    • Northern California Renaissance Faire a U.S. annual event
  • Chicago TI International World Faire (1983 - ), annual event for owners and users of TI-99/4A and Myarc 9640 Home Computers
  • Heloise and the Savoir Faire, a madonna-punk outfit based in Brooklyn, New York
  • How Weird Street Faire, an outdoor street faire and electronic music festival held every May in San Francisco
  • Laissez-faire, a French phrase meaning "let do, let go, let pass", borrowed into English to describe hands-off approach
    • Laissez Faire Books, an online bookseller of the libertarian movement
  • Savoir-Faire, a piece of interactive fiction written by Emily Short
  • Scenes à faire, a principle in copyright law
  • Science Faire, a compilation album by indie pop group The Apples in Stereo
  • Vintage Faire Mall, a shopping mall located in Modesto, California
  • Virginia Browne Faire (1904-1980), American silent-film actress
  • West Coast Computer Faire (1977-1989), former annual computer industry conference and exposition
  • Maker Faire, an DIY related event created by Make Magazine

Other articles related to "faire":

Laissez Faire Books
... Laissez Faire Books (LFB) is an online bookseller that was originally based in New York City when it first opened in 1972 ... From 1982 until 2007, Laissez Faire Books operated as a division of two separate non-profit corporations, the Center for Independent Thought from 1982 to 2004, and the Center for Libertarian Thought from 2005 to ... In March 2011, Agora Financial acquired Laissez Faire Books ...
Savoir Faire
... Savoir faire can also refer to Savoir-faire, a French noun phrase that means being adaptable and adroit, knowing what to do in any situation Savoir-Faire, interactive fiction by Emily Short Savoir Faire (barge), a ...
Bristol Renaissance Faire
... Bristol Renaissance Faire ("Bristol") is a Renaissance fair held in a Renaissance-themed park in the Village of Bristol, Wisconsin ... The faire runs for the nine weekends from early July through Labor Day ...
Renaissance Pleasure Faire Of Southern California
... The Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), is the first, original modern Renaissance Fair it opened in 1962 and has run yearly since ... it is a commercial re-enactment of a 1580s market faire at Port Deptford, an imaginary water front town located in Elizabethan England ...

Famous quotes containing the word faire:

    Followe thy faire sunne, unhappy shadowe,
    Though thou be blacke as night,
    And she made all of light,
    Yet follow thy faire sun, unhappie shadowe.
    Thomas Campion (1567–1620)

    You have beheld a smiling Rose
    When Virgins hands have drawn
    O’r it a Cobweb-Lawne:
    And here, you see, this Lilly shows,
    Tomb’d in a Christal stone,
    More faire in this transparent case,
    Than when it grew alone;
    And had but single grace.
    Robert Herrick (1591–1674)

    Joy may you have and gentle hearts content
    Of your loves couplement:
    And let faire Venus, that is Queene of love,
    With her heart-quelling Sonne upon you smile,
    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)