• (adj): Of or as conceived by existentialism.
    Example: "An existential moment of choice"
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Some articles on existential:

Emmy Van Deurzen
... Emmy van Deurzen (born 13 December 1951 in The Hague, Netherlands) is an existential therapist and honorary Professor at the University of Sheffield ... moving to the UK in 1977 to work with anti-psychiatrists, she founded the Society for Existential Analysis in 1988, and later created a london-based training institute for the approach at Regent's College in 1985 ... Her therapy work is based in existential philosophy, as a form of philosophical counseling, and focuses on enabling people to reflect on their lives with equal attention to past, present and future in order to draw on ...
Ilokano Grammar - Existentials
... Two existential particles, adda and awan, are used in Ilokano to express modes of possession and existence ... While adda is used as either an absolute or current existential, awan is used as a negative existential ...
Stirrings Still: The International Journal Of Existential Literature
... Stirrings Still The International Journal of Existential Literature (ISSN 1551-0433) is an academic journal founded in 2004 by members of Binghamton ... as a forum for the discussion of the relationship between existential literature philosophy and postmodern literature theory ...
Barbara Rosenthal - Recent Solo Exhibitions
... Recent solo exhibitions include the following "Barbara Rosenthal Existential Wall Works,Photography, Drawing and Performance", Lucas Carrieri Gallery ... "Barbara Rosenthal - 33 Existential Videos”, Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany, June 25, 2009 ... "Existential Interact", a series of street performances in front of KW Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art during the Wooloo Berlin New Life Festival in Berlin, Germany, June, 2008 ...
SNP (complexity)
... of problems that can be reduced to properties of graphs expressible in existential second-order logic ... This logic allows universal (∀) and existential (∃) quantification over vertices, but only existential quantification over sets of vertices and relations between ... SNP retains existential quantification over sets and relations, but only permits universal quantification over vertices ...

More definitions of "existential":

  • (adj): Relating to or dealing with existence (especially with human existence).
  • (adj): Derived from experience or the experience of existence.
    Example: "Formal logicians are not concerned with existential matters"- John Dewey
    Synonyms: experiential

Famous quotes containing the word existential:

    One of the most horrible, yet most important, discoveries of our age has been that, if you really wish to destroy a person and turn him into an automaton, the surest method is not physical torture, in the strict sense, but simply to keep him awake, i.e., in an existential relation to life without intermission.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)

    No phallic hero, no matter what he does to himself or to another to prove his courage, ever matches the solitary, existential courage of the woman who gives birth.
    Andrea Dworkin (b. 1946)