Exclusion may refer to:

  • Expulsion (academia), exclusion from school or college
  • Exclusion Bill, 17th century attempt to ensure a Protestant succession in England
  • Diagnosis of exclusion, medical diagnosis by elimination
  • Exclusionary rule, legal principle in the United States

Other articles related to "exclusion":

Conditional Cash Transfer - Obstacles and Failed Programs - Exclusion
... Another common obstacle to success in most CCTs is exclusion of needy homes in the targeting process ... In an assessment by the World Bank, much exclusion was due to remote communities' inability to access schools or clinics ... Exclusion has also been noted by both the World Bank study and the PROGRESA-Oportunidades evaluation evident in both community-based targeting and ...
School Head Lice Policy - Discovery of Infested Students - Immediate Exclusion From School
... Nonetheless, immediate exclusion policies are explicitly advocated by some nurses ... Opponents to immediate exclusion policies point out that the discovery of infestation is merely recognition of what has been an infectious condition for a number of months ... influenza, or measles where immediate exclusion might reasonably reduce disease spread within the school ...
Probative Evidence - Under The Federal Rules of Evidence (United States) - Exclusion of Relevant Evidence
... the danger of one or more of the enumerated grounds for exclusion ... The grounds for exclusion are unfair prejudice confusing the issues misleading the jury undue delay wasting time needlessly presenting cumulative ...
Smith V Eric S Bush - Judgment
... Lord Templeman said the Act regulated ‘all exclusion notices which would in common law provide a defence to an action for negligence.’ Lord Griffiths said s.13 was ‘introducing a ‘but ... The Lords did however say that not all exclusion clauses used by surveyors would be unreasonable, for instance in big property developments ...
Centre For The Analysis Of Social Exclusion
... The Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) is a British research institute at the Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economic and Related Disciplines (STICERD) at the ... It lists its core research areas as economic exclusion and income dynamics social welfare institutions family change and civil society community, area polarisation and regeneration exclusion and society ... the individual characteristics and social institutions which prevent exclusion, and promote recovery, regeneration and inclusion." ...

Famous quotes containing the word exclusion:

    All men, in the abstract, are just and good; what hinders them, in the particular, is, the momentary predominance of the finite and individual over the general truth. The condition of our incarnation in a private self, seems to be, a perpetual tendency to prefer the private law, to obey the private impulse, to the exclusion of the law of the universal being.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    We belong to the community. It is not the tailor alone who is the ninth part of a man; it is as much the preacher, and the merchant, and the farmer. Where is this division of labor to end? and what object does it finally serve? No doubt another may also think for me; but it is not therefore desirable that he should do so to the exclusion of my thinking for myself.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)