• (adj): Holding or containing nothing.
    Example: "An empty glass"; "an empty room"; "full of empty seats"; "empty hours"
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... Date of creation Author Patient Identification Health Number (mandatory item – empty if no available number) Patient Presentation Family name Forenames ...
Lunacy (FIRST) - Game Overview - Game Play
... Empty cells (also worth 2 points) must be handed to a robot by the "payload specialist" at the mid-field position known as the "outpost" ... The robot must deliver the Empty Cell to their human player on one of the corners in order to get a Super Cell that is worth 15 points ... A robot can only carry one Empty Cell at a time ...
Love, Save The Empty
... Love, Save the Empty is the debut album by American pop rock singer Erin McCarley ... Love, Save the Empty peaked at #5 on iTunes "Top Albums" chart on January 2, 2009, resulting in a #86 debut on the Billboard 200 in the issue dated January 17, 2009 ... The song "Love, Save the Empty" is the song featured mostly in He's Just Not That into You and is the only song that has a music video of the film ...
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... Empty is God Lives Underwater's first full length album, released in October 1995 via American Recordings ... "No More Love" was used in Johnny Mnemonic, and "Weight"—an outtake from Empty—was featured in Mortal Kombat More Kombat ...
Matrix (mathematics) - Abstract Algebraic Aspects and Generalizations - Empty Matrices
... An empty matrix is a matrix in which the number of rows or columns (or both) is zero ... Empty matrices help dealing with maps involving the zero vector space ... There is no common notation for empty matrices, but most computer algebra systems allow creating and computing with them ...

More definitions of "empty":

  • (adj): Having nothing inside.
    Example: "An empty sphere"
  • (adj): Devoid of significance or point.
    Example: "Empty promises"
    Synonyms: hollow, vacuous
  • (verb): Become empty or void of its content.
    Synonyms: discharge
  • (verb): Make void or empty of contents.
    Example: "Empty the box"; "The alarm emptied the building"
  • (noun): A container that has been emptied.
    Example: "Return all empties to the store"
  • (adj): Needing nourishment.
    Example: "After skipped lunch the men were empty by suppertime"; "empty-bellied children"
    Synonyms: empty-bellied
  • (verb): Remove.
    Example: "Empty the water"
  • (verb): Excrete or discharge from the body.
    Synonyms: evacuate, void
  • (adj): Emptied of emotion.
    Example: "After the violent argument he felt empty"
  • (verb): Leave behind empty; move out of.
    Synonyms: vacate, abandon

Famous quotes containing the word empty:

    In vain we lavish out our lives,
    To gather empty wind;
    The choicest blessings earth can yield
    Will starve a hungry mind.
    Isaac Watts (1674–1748)

    Science with its retorts would have put me to sleep; it was the opportunity to be ignorant that I improved. It suggested to me that there was something to be seen if one had eyes. It made a believer of me more than before. I believed that the woods were not tenantless, but choke-full of honest spirits as good as myself any day,—not an empty chamber, in which chemistry was left to work alone, but an inhabited house,—and for a few moments I enjoyed fellowship with them.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Nor for my words shall ye forget your tears,
    Or hope again for aught that I can say,
    The idle singer of an empty day.
    William Morris (1834–1896)