Dow Centennial Centre

The Dow Centennial Centre in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, is a multi-purpose facility built to commemorate the Alberta Centennial.

The DCC has facilities that are used by the City of Fort Saskatchewan and neighboring communities. The facilities in the DCC are as follows:

  • The Sheritt Cultural Pavilion includes the following:
  • Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery
  • Shell Theatre
  • Lions Banquet Rooms
  • Scotiabank Studio
  • Waiward Steel Pottery Studio
  • Senator Tommy Banks Green Room

The Shell Theatre hosts different shows throughout the year. Some of the previous shows included those of April Wine, Trooper, The Arrogant Worms, and Stuart McLean. The theatre has a 550 person seating capacity.

The Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery contains works of art, most of which are done by artists and photographers right in Fort Saskatchewan. The Gallery is located in the lobby of the Shell Theatre.

The Lions Banquet Rooms are flexible carpeted spaces with dance space for 350 guests. The rooms feature catering services on site for get togethers like weddings, corporate functions and large meetings.

The Scotiabank Studio is artist studio space with abundant lighting to meet the needs of artists, carvers, and crafters. It has flexible use for small workshops and/or meetings.

The Waiward Steel Pottery Studio is the current home and studios of the Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild.

  • The Landrex Recreational Pavilion includes the following:
  • Sherritt-CEP NHL size Ice Arena
  • Agrium Indoor Soccer Field
  • ATCO Gym
  • Judo & Gymnastics Flip Factory
  • Apple Fitness Centre
  • Umicore indoor track 335 metres
  • ICU Optical & Hearing Peek-Caboose Station
  • Auggies Place Childminding Centre and Party Room
  • ATB Financial Family Leisure Ice
  • Fort Saskatchewan Shoppers Drug Mart Saunas
  • Kinettes Steam Rooms
  • Sulzer Metco Youth Impressions Tiles

The Sherritt-CEP NHL size Ice Arena provides seating for approximately 200 people and has drop-in public, family and senior skate programs. The scoreboards in the arena are sponsored by The Westaim Corporation.

Apple Fitness Centre is on the upper level of the DCC. It features state-of-the-art fitness equipment and free weights. Registered fitness programs include Fitness Assessments, Body Composition Tests, and Personal Fitness programs. Personal trainers are available upon request.

The Winner's Way Elevator is a large handicapped-accessible elevator providing transportation from the main floor to the weight room.

The Atco Gym is available for both community and sporting events. It has six badminton courts, two full centered basketball and volleyball courts, and is equipped with 200-folding-seat bleachers. Each week they have many different drop-in activities. There is access to sports equipment.

The Judo & Gymnastics Flip Factory is the home of the Fort Gymnastics Club and Tolide Judo Kwai (Fort Judo Club). It has the largest sprung floor mat area in Canada.

The Agrium Indoor Soccer Field is located in the southwestern end of the DCC. It is a regular size indoor soccer field with seating for 200 fans. The large space can be changed to support many different events including soccer, lacrosse, and trade shows.

The Umicore Indoor Track is a running track that runs around the Agrium soccer field, beside the Sherritt Arena and through the Apple Fitness Centre. It boasts 344 m of track with two lanes for walkers, joggers, or wheelchairs. The track is complete with handrail for safety.

The ICU Optical & Hearing Peek-Caboose Station features a safe indoor play set around a train themed playground.

Auggies Place Childminding Centre and Party Room offers babysitting for children under the age of five, including infants.

ATB Financial Family Leisure Ice is open daily.

Sulzer Metco Youth Impressions Tiles are located throughout the DCC. These tile were made by more than 3000 school age children in 2004 and the miniature works of art are on display at various locations throughout the facility.

Other amenities that are located in the Dow Centennial Centre are:

  • Booster Juice
  • Centennial Banquet & Catering of Fort Saskatchewan
  • Fort Gymnastics Club
  • Fort Saskatchewan Physiotherapy
  • Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild
  • Fort Saskatchewan Therapeutic Massage Center
  • Tolide Judo Kwai (Fort Judo Club)
  • Empty restaurant space

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