Dismissal or dismissed may refer to:

  • In litigation, a dismissal is the result of a successful motion to dismiss. See motion (legal)
  • Termination of employment, the end of an employee's duration with an employer
    • Dismissal (employment), termination of employment against the will of the worker
  • Dismissal (cricket), when the batsman is out
  • The Australian constitutional crisis of 1975 was commonly known as the Dismissal
  • In association football, a dismissal is a sort of penalty, see Misconduct (association football)
  • Apolytikion (dismissal hymn) in Eastern Orthodox liturgics
  • Dismissal (liturgy), the final benediction at the end of a service
  • In United States armed forces, a dismissal is the equivalent for commissioned officers of the "dishonorable discharge" for enlisted members. See Military discharge#Commissioned officers
  • Dismissed (TV series)
  • an episode of Power Ranger: SPD, see List of Power Rangers: SPD episodes
  • "Dismissed" (ZOEgirl song)
  • "Dismissed", a song by Uffie from Ed Rec Vol. 2

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... damages were entitled to take into consideration the circumstances of the dismissal ... reasonable and temperate damages.” Emmens v Elderton was a case of wrongful dismissal of a solicitor whom a company engaged “to retain and employ ... There was in fact no wrongful dismissal, but if there were, the damages could not exceed the immediate pecuniary loss which the plaintiff ...
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