Disciples II: Dark Prophecy - Expansion Packs, Releases and Versions

Expansion Packs, Releases and Versions

Many expansion packs and rereleases of Disciples II have been issued. In order of their release they are:

Name Date of Release Details
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy January 4, 2002 The base game contains 4 campaigns of 7 missions each for the Empire, Mountain Clans, Undead Hordes and Legion of the Damned.
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy (Collector's Edition) 2002 A limited version of the game containing a card game (Disciples II: Blades of War) as well as 5 bonus quests which are also included in the Disciples 2 Gold edition.
Disciples II: Servants of the Dark 2003 Contains:
  • The original campaigns of 7 missions for the Undead Hordes and Legion of the Damned from Dark Prophecy
  • Two new mini campaigns of 3 missions (one for each race) that continue the storyline and start off with a high level of difficulty. A hero saved at the end of an original campaign may be imported for use in the mini campaign. If the player does not have a saved hero, several have been included with the game.
  • Several other new minor features are included as well, such as new special characters, interface improvements, AI improvements and new maps.

Servants of the Dark does not combine with the base Dark Prophecy game. When installed on a computer that already has Guardians of the Light installed it and Servants of the Dark are combined to form "Gallean's Return" which offers all the content of the base Dark Prophecy game in addition to the 4 extra mini campaigns as part of a single install. Gallean's Return was later sold separately.

Disciples II: Guardians of the Light 2003 Released at the same time and the counterpart to Servants of the Dark, Guardians of the Light contains the original campaigns for the Mountain Clans and Empire as well as two new mini campaigns of 3 missions each, in a similar fashion to Servants of the Dark.
Disciples II: Rise of the Elves 2003 Contains:
  • All the content of the base Dark Prophecy game including the four campaigns of seven missions each.
  • A new campaign of 8 missions focused on the elven race introduced in this expansion pack.
  • A new playable race, the Elven Alliance, with new art, units and capital city.
  • Minor gameplay adjustments (such as making the Death units have a lower initiative so as to be less overpowering)

This game does not combine with Gallean's Return or Dark Prophecy and must be installed separately.

Disciples II: Gallean's Return 2005 Gallean's Return contains the first two expansion packs, Servants of the Dark and Guardians of the Light precombined. This means that all the content of the base Dark Prophecy game is included as well.
Disciples II Gold February 3, 2005 Contains:
  • Dark Prophecy
  • Gallean's Return
  • Rise of the Elves
  • Packaged in either a 4 CD (US) or 8 CD (Europe and Australia) set
  • The 5 bonus scenarios originally included in the Collector's Edition and 5 new bonus scenarios.

Both games must be installed separately as the original games would be. In 2005, Stardock released this edition on their TotalGaming.net online distribution service as Disciples II: Ultimate Edition. In 2006 this addition was also made available on Steam.

Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Gold 2006 A rerelease of Rise of the Elves with an additional 4 mission mini campaign that continues the story.

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