Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania

The Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (German: Demokratisches Forum der Deutschen in Rumänien, DFDR; Romanian: Forumul Democrat al Germanilor din România, in short Forumul German, abbreviated FDGR) is a centrist political party representing the German minority in Romania. It was founded at the end of 1989. Despite originally being a German minority party, the party is popular also with many ethnic Romanians, notably in parts of Transylvania including the major city of Sibiu, where the party has a majority in the city council. The party has an image as independent and politicians of the FDGR, including Sibiu mayor and party leader Klaus Johannis, have earned respect as efficient and uncorrupt administrators. The party has often cooperated with the Liberal Party.

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Democratic Forum Of Germans In Romania - DFDR Politicians
... Sibiu County Council) Ovidiu Ganţ (Member of Parliament and MEP for Romania, 2007-2009) Klaus Johannis (Mayor of Sibiu) Paul Philippi (Theologian and President of DFDR) Wolfgang Wittstock (Journalist and former ...

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