Danube Swabians

The Danube Swabians ( Donauschwaben) is a collective term for the German-speaking population who lived in the former Kingdom of Hungary, especially alongside the Danube River valley. Because of different developments within the territory settled, the Danube Swabians cannot be seen as a unified people. They include the Germans of Hungary, Satu Mare Swabians, the Banat Swabians, and the Vojvodina Germans in Serbia's Vojvodina who called themselves Schwowe, and Croatia's Slavonia (especially in Osijek region). The Carpathian Germans and Transylvanian Saxons are not included within the Danube Swabian group.

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History Of German Settlement In Central And Eastern Europe - 17th To 19th Century Settlements - Danube Swabians of Hungary and The Balkans
... The Danube Swabians settled in Swabian Turkey and other areas, more settlers were called in even throughout the 18th century, in part to secure ... The Banat Swabians and Satu Mare Swabians are examples of Danube Swabian settlers from the 18th century ... An influx of Danube Swabians also occurred toward the adriatic coast in what would later become Yugoslavia ...
German People's Union – National Association Of Danube Swabians In Croatia
... The German People’s Union – National Association of Danube Swabians in Croatia (Croatian Njemačka narodnosna zajednica - Zemaljska udruga Podunavskih Švaba u Hrvatskoj) is a ...
Gakovo - History
... In 1748, some Austro-Hungarians (Danube Swabians) from Apatin and Kruševlje settled here as well and it was one of the first settlements in Bačka that was colonized by Austro-Hungarians ... Another wave of Danube Swabian colonists came between 1763 and 1768 ... Some colonists were from the upper Danube region, Baden-Württemberg (Swabian), and Alsace-Lorraine (Alsatian), but some were from other areas of the Habsburg Monarchy such as Bohemia, Slovakia, Hungary, etc ...
Stefan Jäger - Biography
... and daily life of his community, the Danube Swabians ... Specifically, many Danube Swabians were drafted to the Waffen-SS - officially as volunteers, though it was claimed that they had in fact little choice in the matter ... - reflected these vicissitudes, for example the painting of Danube Swabians being led away by Soviet forces ...
List Of Concentration And Internment Camps - Yugoslavia - Communist Camps
... In 1944, an unknown and disputed number of the Danube Swabians left the country, together with the defeated German army ... were collectively canceled for at least 195,000 civilian members of the Danube Swabian minority who remained in Yugoslavia (mostly in the Bačka and Banat ... Most of the other Danube Swabian civilians were interned and driven into numerous labor and at least eight prison camps, which had been built for those unable to ...

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