CWC can refer to:

  • Cable & Wireless Communications
  • California Writers Club
  • Camsur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur, Philippines
  • Canal Wild Card, a Danish Advent calendar by De Nattergale
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  • Central Wyoming College, a college in Riverton, WY
  • Chemical Weapons Convention, a treaty signed in 1993
  • Chernivtsi International Airport, in the Ukraine
  • Chevron World Challenge, an offseason golf tournament hosted by Tiger Woods
  • Cold War Crisis, a video game
  • Concerned for Working Children, an India-based non-profit organization
  • Concrete Weight Coated, offshore pipeline coating
  • CrimethInc., an anarchist group
  • Cute With Chris, internet show by Chris Leavins
  • CWC mode, a type of encryption

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Cuyamaca Water Company - Early Years
... The CWC provided water to farming land stretching from the San Diego City Limits to the El Cajon valley ... The CWC and the California Railway Commission had many disputes over the prices that the CWC wanted to charge their customers ... appeal was made to the Railway Commission to raise prices, but it was denied because the CWC was declared a public utility by the Railway Commission ...
Central Wyoming College - History - 1990's
... As a result, CWC has secured millions of dollars in grants to assure the college was responsive to the educational needs of its community ... CWC is the only Wyoming community college with a federally supported Student Support Services Program, which supplies tutorial support, counseling and transfer advisement free of charge to students ... In 1996, CWC secured a $1.75 million Title III grant, which has had a major positive impact on the college in terms of curriculum development, computer-aided instruction ...
Executive Order 13128 - Order
... EO 13128 partially implemented the CWC, a treaty treaties can be and are sometimes partially implemented by executive order ... the implementation of and the provisions of both the CWC and the 1998 law with the various branches and agencies of the federal government ... facilities, and carry out other functions consistent with the CWC and the 1998 act ...