Creek may refer to:

  • Creek, a small stream
  • Creek (tidal), an inlet of the sea, narrower than a cove
  • Creek, a narrow channel/small stream between islands in the Florida Keys
  • Muscogee (Creek), a native American people
    • Creek language, the language of that tribe
    • Creek mythology, the mythology of that tribe
    • Muscogee (Creek) Nation, federally recognized Creek tribe in Oklahoma
    • Poarch Band of Creek Indians, federally recognized Creek tribe in Alabama
  • Bell 206, a helicopter also known as the TH-67 Creek
  • Creek County, Oklahoma
  • Creek Audio, a British hi-fi company
  • Jonathan Creek, BBC TV mystery series

Other articles related to "creek":

Prattville, Alabama - History
... a few settlers when Pratt, a native of Temple, New Hampshire, first observed the Autauga Creek in the 1830s ... and the town along the banks of the Autauga creek ... The location was chosen because the creek could supply power to the cotton gin manufacturing equipment ...
Protected Areas Of The Northern Territory - Protected Areas of The Northern Territory - Historical Reserves
... Springs Telegraph Station Arltunga Attack Creek Barrow Creek Telegraph Station Booya (ship) Central Mount Stuart Chambers Pillar Channel Island Gregorys Tree Heavitree ...
Little Creek, Delaware
... Little Creek is a town in Kent County, Delaware, United States ... John Woolman attended Quaker meeting at Little Creek in late summer 1748 during a visit to the Southern Counties of Delaware ...
Overpeck Creek
... Overpeck Creek is a tributary of the Hackensack River, approximately 8 miles (13 km) long, in Bergen County in northeastern New Jersey in the United States ... The lower broad mouth of the creek is part of the extended tidal estuary of the lower Hackensack and of the adjacent wetland region known as the New Jersey ... The upper creek flows through suburban communities west of New York City ...
Fraser River - Tributaries (listed From The Mouth Up)
... Brunette River Coquitlam River Pitt River Stave River D'Herbomez Creek Norrish Creek Sumas River Harrison River Ruby Creek Skagit River Coquihalla ...

Famous quotes containing the word creek:

    The only law was that enforced by the Creek Lighthorsemen and the U.S. deputy marshals who paid rare and brief visits; or the “two volumes of common law” that every man carried strapped to his thighs.
    State of Oklahoma, U.S. relief program (1935-1943)

    It might be seen by what tenure men held the earth. The smallest stream is mediterranean sea, a smaller ocean creek within the land, where men may steer by their farm bounds and cottage lights. For my own part, but for the geographers, I should hardly have known how large a portion of our globe is water, my life has chiefly passed within so deep a cove. Yet I have sometimes ventured as far as to the mouth of my Snug Harbor.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)