Constabulary may have several definitions:

  • A civil, non-paramilitary (police) force consisting of police officers called constables. This is the usual definition in Britain, in which all county police forces once bore the title (and some still do).
  • A large civil police force organized and trained along military lines, which may contain paramilitary elements. This is the usual definition in places outside of Great Britain (e.g., Royal Irish Constabulary, Royal Ulster Constabulary, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Pennsylvania Constabulary, Jamaica Constabulary Force etc.). These were organizationally based on the French Gendarmerie, originally consisting of military personnel seconded to or military veterans recruited directly to the constabulary and later became all civilian forces after they were well established.
  • The title of a military or paramilitary type force consisting of soldiers trained for police duties. Mostly established by the United States in the several countries over which it had protective status (e.g., Philippine Constabulary, United States Constabulary in West Germany after World War II, Nicaraguan National Guard, Panama National Guard). These forces also performed military functions by maintaining "mobile forces" of organised units. In Europe such forces are called Gendarmeries, Carabinieri (in Italy) or Guardia Civil (in Spain).

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Admiralty Constabulary
... The Admiralty Constabulary was a police force in the United Kingdom formed as a result of the Special Constables Act 1923 ... The Constabulary can trace its history back to 1686 when the Royal Navy needed an organisation to prevent dockyard crime ... was formed 1934 and subsequent changes led in 1949 to the Admiralty Constabulary being created ...
Scottish North Eastern Counties Constabulary - History
... The Scottish North Eastern Counties Constabulary was formed on 16 May 1949 when the existing forces of Aberdeenshire Constabulary, Banffshire Constabulary, Kincardineshire Constabulary and Moray Nairn ... Aberdeenshire Constabulary was formed in 1840 and in 1866 amalgamated with the Fraserburgh Burgh force which had been formed in 1859 ... In 1886, Banffshire Constabulary (formed in 1840) amalgamated with the Banff Burgh force (formed in 1859) and in 1870 it also amalgamated with Macduff Burgh (also formed in 1859) ...
Constabulary - Historic
... Philippine Constabulary – created in 1901 by the American colonial administration ... Ireland Royal Irish Constabulary – The United Kingdom's paramilitary police force of Ireland from 1822–1922 ... Northern Ireland Royal Ulster Constabulary – The United Kingdoms's paramilitary police force in Northern Ireland from 1922 – 2001 when it was reformed as the ...
List Of Police Firearms In The United Kingdom - Non-Home Office Police Firearms - Civil Nuclear Constabulary
... British police territorial forces, Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers are routinely armed while carrying out duties ... Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers also operate the armament on board the ships of the company Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited, which specialise in transporting spent nuclear fuel and reprocessed ... The Civil Nuclear Constabulary use a range of heavier weapons up to automatic cannon of 30mm calibre deployed on the ships ...
Buckinghamshire Constabulary
... Buckinghamshire Constabulary was the Home Office police force for the county of Buckinghamshire, England, until 1968 ... Buckinghamshire Constabulary was established in 1857 ... On 1 April 1968, Thames Valley Constabulary was formed by the amalgamation of Buckinghamshire Constabulary, Berkshire Constabulary, Oxford City Police, Oxfordshire Constabulary and ...

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