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SJ X40 - Specifications
... Complaints from passengers included that there was too little room for baggage and that the seat pitch was insufficient ... specified for regional commuter traffic, and some complaints come from passengers on longer journeys ... and Stockholm-Sundsvall, which has added to these complaints ...
Lifestyle Lift - Complaints - Safety Issues
... In 2008, an Orlando, Florida plastic surgeon filed a complaint with the Florida Board of Medicine, seeking payment for emergency room services he provided to a Lifestyle Lift patient the company ...
List Of East Enders Characters (2008) - Tegs Teague - Development
... Ofcom received seven complaints about the stabbing episode ... UK, said, "The stabbing of Jay flooded in over 200 complaints after Watchdog had recently ordered a stop to soap violence ... ignore public opinion, prepared to ignore the regulator and the complaints and carry on regardless." A BBC spokesman said, "EastEnders has always tackled difficult issues and we acknowledge that some viewers ...
Legal Services Ombudsman
... that investigated allegations about the improper, ineffective or inefficient way that complaints about lawyers are handled by their respective self-regulating professional ... operation, the office undertook 10,531 investigations 9,456 complaints about solicitors 1,036 complaints about barristers and 39 complaints about licensed conveyancers ... and Wales and around 8% of practising barristers were subject of a complaint to the Ombudsman in that time ...
Legal Services Complaints Commissioner - History
... and until a professional body is clearly failing to make substantial progress in improving its complaints record ... Unfortunately in spite of all efforts, complaints handling is still not efficient and effective ... as to the Law Society were to Require them to report on their handling of complaints about solicitors Investigate the handling of complaints Make recommendations Set targets Require the Law Society ...

Famous quotes containing the word complaints:

    Mr. Marriott: I’m afraid I don’t like your manner.
    Philip Marlowe: Yeah, I’ve had complaints about it but it keeps getting worse.
    John Paxton (1911–1985)

    Strictly speaking, there is but one real evil: I mean acute pain. All other complaints are so considerably diminished by time that it is plain the grief is owing to our passion, since the sensation of it vanishes when that is over.
    Mary Wortley, Lady Montagu (1689–1762)

    A strange age of the world this, when empires, kingdoms, and republics come a-begging to a private man’s door, and utter their complaints at his elbow! I cannot take up a newspaper but I find that some wretched government or other, hard pushed and on its last legs, is interceding with me, the reader, to vote for it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)