Common Room

The phrase common room is used especially in British and Canadian English to describe a type of shared lounge, most often found in dormitories, at (for example) universities, colleges, military bases, hospitals, rest homes, hostels, and even minimum-security prisons. It is generally connected to several private rooms, and may incorporate a bathroom. However, they may also be found in day schools and sixth forms.

Regular features include couches, televisions, coffee tables, and other generic lounge furniture for socializing.

Depending on its location and purpose of use, a common room may be known by another name. For instance, in mental hospitals, where access is usually restricted to the daytime hours, this type of room is often called a "day room".

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Common Room (university)
... — students and the academic body are organised into common rooms ... At the University of Cambridge, the term combination room (e.g ... "Junior Combination Room") is also used, with the same acronyms ...
Common Room (university) - Australia - Trinity College, The University of Melbourne
... Trinity has three common rooms The Junior Common Room (JCR) for undergraduate students The Cripps Middle Common Room (MCR) for graduate and postgraduate students The Senior ...
The Don College
... The college has two common use rooms, northern and southern, the two being very different environments ... The Southern Common Room began in the late 1970s as the "smokers" common room ... The Northern Common Room is named so because of the windows facing the north which fill the common room with light ...
Common Room (university) - United Kingdom - Oxford
... of Oxford, a typical college has a Junior Common Room (JCR) for undergraduates, a Middle Common Room (MCR) for graduates and a Senior Common Room (SCR) for ... in addition to being an actual room for the use of members ... The JCR and MCR presidents of all affiliated Oxford Common Rooms, in addition to their OUSU Reps, are automatically voting members of OUSU's governing Council, which meets ...

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