Chaitra (Marathi चैत्र caitr, Hindi: चैत्र cait, Bengali:চৈত্র (see Choitro), Assamese:চ'ত Kannada"ಚೈತ್ರ","Chaitra", Telugu:చైత్రము chaitramu Tamil: சித்திரை chithirai, Malayalam: ചൈത്രം chaitram) is a month of the Hindu calendar.

In India's national civil calendar Chaitra is the first month of the year while it is the last month of the year in Nepali calendar where Baisakh is the first month. With the calendar reforms, it coincides with the northern spring equinox on March 20.

In the more traditional reckoning, the first month commences in March or April of the Gregorian Calendar, depending upon whether the lunar or solar system is used. There is no fixed date in Gregorian calendar for 1st day of Chaitra, i.e., the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

It is the last month in the Bengali calendars (the Bônggabdo), where it is called Choitro (Bengali: চৈত্র). It commences in mid-March. It is also the last month in the Nepalese calendar (the Bikram Sambat), where it commences in mid-March. Chitterai is the first month in the Tamil calendar and starts in mid-April.

In the Vaishnava calendar, Vishnu governs this month.

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