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The Bui dam project requires the forced relocation of 1,216 people, of which 217 have been resettled as of June 2010. In order not to slow down the construction of the dam, the Bui Power Authority has opted for a quick resettlement process. It neglected the recommendations of a study, the “Resettlement Planning Framework”, that it had contracted itself. In theory, all affected people are expected to be moved to a new locality called Bui City. However, as of 2010 the city does not exist and there is not even a schedule for its construction. Instead, the first 217 relocated people have been moved to a temporary settlement called Gyama Resettlement Township, which has dilapidated infrastructure. Fishers were resettled on dry land and lost their livelihoods. Although the study had recommended to establish an independent body to monitor the resettlement, no such body has been set up.

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In business and government policy, social impact refers to how the organization's actions affect the surrounding community. See also the psychological "Social impact theory". Social impacts can link to areas such as health and community

Social Impact is also the name of a service provider to NGOs and international agencies.

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