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  • Albrecht Becker (1906–2002), German production designer, photographer, actor, imprisoned by Nazis for homosexuality
  • Annika Becker (born 1981), retired German pole vaulter
  • Armando Becker (born 1966), Venezuelan basketball player
  • August Becker (1900–1967), German chemist
  • August Becker (painter) (1821–1887), German painter
  • August Becker (author) (1828–1891), German author
  • Barbara Becker (born 1966), ex wife of Boris Becker
  • Ben Becker (born 1964), German film and theatre actor
  • Benjamin Becker (born 1981), German tennis player
  • Bill Becker (died 2010), American journalist
  • Boris Becker (born 1967), German tennis player
  • Britta Becker (born 1973), German field hockey player
  • Carl Becker (disambiguation)
  • Chad Becker (born 1987), American soccer player
  • Charles Becker (1870–1915), first U.S. police officer executed for murder
  • Charlotte Becker (born 1983), German professional racing cyclist
  • Christiane Luise Amalie Becker (1778–1797), German actress
  • Christine Becker, member of U.S. women's saber team
  • Cornelius Becker, German theologian (see Becker Psalter)
  • Cory Becker, guitar player in St. Louis rock band Living Things
  • Craig Becker (born 1956), U.S. labor lawyer
  • Cristiane Luise Amalie Becker (1778–1797), German actress
  • Dietrich Becker (c. 1620 – c. 1670), German Baroque violinist and composer
  • Dirk Becker (born 1966), German politician
  • Donald Becker, programmer
  • Douglas Becker, American/Belgian choreographer, teacher
  • Edmund Becker (born 1957), German footballer
  • Edward Roy Becker (1933–2006), U.S. appeals court judge
  • Elisabeth Becker (1923–1946), German concentration camp guard during World War II
  • Elizabeth Becker, U.S. journalist and author
  • Ernest Becker (1924–1974), cultural anthropologist
  • Franz Becker (born 1918), German footballer
  • Gary Becker (born 1930), Nobel Prize-winning economist
  • Gavin de Becker (born 1954), U.S. specialist in security issues
  • George Ferdinand Becker (1847–1919), U.S. geologist
  • Germán Becker (born 1980), Argentinian tango musician
  • Hans-Josef Becker (born 1948), Catholic archbishop
  • Heidi Becker (born 1940), Austrian-born model
  • Heinrich Becker (1770–1822), German actor
  • Heinz Becker (1915–1991), German baseball player
  • Hellmuth Becker (1902–1953), German Waffen-SS general
  • Helmut Becker (1927–1990), German viticulturist
  • Herbert L. Becker (born 1956), magician and founder of IPTV.
  • Howard P. Becker (1899–1960), U.S. sociologist
  • Howard S. Becker (born 1928), U.S. sociologist and musician
  • Ingrid Becker (born 1942), German athlete
  • Jacques Becker (1906–1960), French screenwriter and film director
  • Jakob Becker (1810–1872), German genre painter
  • Jason Becker (born 1970), Neo-classical metal guitarist
  • Jason Becker (ice hockey) (born 1974), Canadian ice hockey player and coach
  • Jean Becker (director) (born 1938), French director, screenwriter, and actor
  • Jean Becker (violinist) (1833–1884), German violinist and composer
  • Jens Becker (born 1965), metal bass guitarist
  • Jurek Becker (1937–1997), German writer
  • Jürgen Becker (born 1959), German kabarett artist
  • Karl Becker—see Carl Becker (disambiguation)
  • Konrad Becker, hypermedia researcher and interdisciplinary content developer
  • Kuno Becker (born 1978), Mexican actor
  • Kurt Becker (born 1958), former professional American football player
  • Lawrence C. Becker (born 1939), U.S. academic, philosopher
  • Lydia Becker (1827–1890), British suffragist and amateur scientist
  • Marc Becker, U.S. professor of Latin American studies
  • Marcus Becker (born 1981), German slalom canoer
  • Margaret Becker (born 1959), award-winning composer, singer, speaker and writer
  • Martin Becker (1916–2006), German Luftwaffe night fighter ace
  • May Lamberton Becker (1873–1958), U.S. journalist and literary critic
  • Meret Becker (born 1969), German actress and singer
  • Muriel Gustavo Becker (born 1987), Brazilian goalkeeper
  • Murilo Becker (born 1983), Brazilian basketball player
  • Nikolaus Becker (1809–1845), writer of the German “Rheinlied”
  • Oskar Becker (assailant) (1839–1868), Prussian student and attempted assassin of King Wilhelm I of Prussia
  • Oskar Becker (1889–1964), German philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian of mathematics
  • Otto Heinrich Enoch Becker (1828–1890), German ophthalmologist
  • Paul Becker (born 1984), choreographer
  • Philip Becker (1830–1898), first German-born mayor of Buffalo, New York
  • Philip Johann Becker (1809–1886), German radical (see "Becker, Philip Johann". New International Encyclopedia. 1905.)
  • Ralph Elihu Becker (1907–1994), American ambassador to Honduras from 1976–1977
  • Ralph Becker (mayor) (born 1952), American politician and attorney
  • Rich Becker (born 1972), U.S. baseball player
  • Robert O. Becker (1923–2008), U.S. orthopedic surgeon and researcher in electrophysiology/electromedicine
  • Roger Becker (born 1934), British tennis player
  • Rudolf Becker (1923–1944), highly decorated Hauptmann
  • Rudolph Zacharias Becker (1752–1822), German educator and author
  • Ruth Becker (1899–1990), Kansas schoolteacher and Titanic survivor
  • Sally Becker, volunteer in Bosnia and Kosovo
  • Samuel William Becker, U.S. dermatologist who documented Becker's nevus
  • Sandra Lynne Becker (born 1947), 1965 Miss California
  • Sandy Becker (1922–1996), U.S. television announcer
  • Sean Becker (born 1975), New Zealand curler
  • Sherburn M. Becker (1876–1949), Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Theodor Becker (1840–1928), German civil engineer and entomologist
  • Thorsten Becker (born 1980), German footballer
  • Tom Becker, British children's author
  • Valentin Eduard Becker (1814–1890), German composer
  • Vaneta Becker, U.S. politician from Indiana
  • Walt Becker (born 1968), U.S. director, writer, and actor
  • Walter Becker (born 1950), musician
  • Wayland Becker (1910–1984), American football player
  • Wilhelm Adolf Becker (1796–1846), German archaeologist
  • Wilhelm Gottlieb Becker (1753–1813), German archaeologist and author
  • William D. Becker (1876–1943), mayor of St. Louis, Missouri
  • Wolfgang Becker (born 1954), German filmmaker
  • Alice Becker-Ho (born 1941), French poet
  • Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836–1870), Spanish poet
  • Simon Fisher-Becker (born 1961), British actor
  • Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876–1907), German expressionist painter

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