Batting Order (cricket) - Highest Test Match Scores For Each Batting Position

Highest Test Match Scores For Each Batting Position

  • 1. Len Hutton (ENG) - 364 vs. Australia at The Oval, 1938
  • 2. Matthew Hayden (AUS) - 380 vs. Zimbabwe at Perth, 2003–04
  • 3. Brian Lara (WI) - 400* vs. England at St. John's, 2003–04
  • 4. Mahela Jayawardene (SL) - 374 vs. South Africa at Colombo, 2006–07
  • 5. Michael Clarke (AUS) - 329* vs. India at Sydney, 2012
  • 6. Doug Walters (AUS) - 250 vs. New Zealand at Christchurch, 1976–77
  • 7. Sir Donald Bradman (AUS) - 270 vs. England at Melbourne, 1936–37
  • 8. Wasim Akram (PAK) - 257* vs. Zimbabwe at Sheikhupura, 1996–97
  • 9. Ian Smith (NZ) - 173 vs. India at Auckland, 1989–90
  • 10. Walter Read (ENG) - 117 vs. Australia at The Oval, 1884
  • 11. Tino Best (WI) - 95 vs. England at Birmingham, 2012

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