Some articles on attitudes, attitude:

Laurie A. Rudman
... a great deal of research to studies on implicit and explicit attitudes and stereotypes, stereotype maintenance processes, and the media's effects on attitudes, stereotypes, and behavior on the ... and Backlash Toward Agentic Women", "Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Female Authority" and "Implicit and Explicit Consequences of Exposure to Violent and ...
Living Apart Together - Attitudes
... Attitudinally, LATs couples themselves resemble cohabitants in a ‘young partners’ group, as opposed to a more conservative ‘older married’ majority ... Controlling for age LATs appear to be somewhat more liberal than other relationship categories for issues that directly affect them, for example about the effect of independence in relationships ...
Latitudinarianism (philosophy)
... philosophy, is a position concerning de dicto and de re (propositional) attitudes ... Latitudinarians think that de re attitudes are not a category distinct from de dicto attitudes the former are just a special case of the latter ... The term was introduced into discussions of de dicto and de re attitudes by Roderick Chisholm in his "Knowledge and Belief 'De Dicto' and 'De Re'" (197 ...
Suicide In Medical Patients: Japanese And American Psychiatrist's Attitudes
... of suicide and euthanasia in medical patients is an area where the attitudes of physicians, and especially psychiatrists are of great importance ... One study compared the attitudes of psychiatrists in Japan and the United States in order to investigate their ideas on whether patients in general medical hospitals who have a ... Japanese and American general hospital psychiatrists' attitudes towards the reasonability of suicide, physician assisted suicide, and removal of life supports under various medical and ...
Sexual Attitude Reassessment
... A Sexual Attitude Reassessment, sometimes Sexual Attitude Restructuring, (SAR) seminar is a process-oriented, structured group experience to promote participants ... Since the primary purpose of a SAR is the examination of attitudes and values, it is not a traditional academic experience designed to disseminate cognitive ... provides an opportunity for participants to explore and understand their beliefs, attitudes, values and biases within the realm of sex and sexuality ...

Famous quotes containing the word attitudes:

    Normal life cannot sustain revolutionary attitudes for long.
    Milovan Djilas (b. 1911)

    I think what everybody calls a miracle is just common sense.... You can look at the attitudes when people come in. That’s why they call it a miracle. These are black kids and they’re not supposed to know the things they know and achieve the way they are achieving.
    Marva Nettles Collins (b. 1936)

    I doubt that we can ever successfully impose values or attitudes or behaviors on our children—certainly not by threat, guilt, or punishment. But I do believe they can be induced through relationships where parents and children are growing together. Such relationships are, I believe, build on trust, example, talk, and caring.
    Fred Rogers (20th century)