Art Brut

Art Brut are a Berlin-based English and German indie rock band. Their debut album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, was released on 30 May 2005, with its follow up, It's a Bit Complicated, released on 25 June 2007. Named after French painter Jean Dubuffet's definition of outsider art - art by prisoners, loners, the mentally ill, and other marginalized people, and made without thought to imitation or presentation - South London's Art Brut were tagged by NME as part of the "Art Wave" scene that also included bands such as The Rakes, Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party.

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Art Brut - Discography - Singles
... "Formed a Band" (March 2004) UK No. 52 "Modern Art/My Little Brother" (December 2004) UK No ...
Gugging - House of Artists
... The "Center for Art and Psychotherapy" was founded by Navratil in 1981 ... Feilacher stressed the role that art played at Gugging and went on to change its name to the "House of Artists" (German Haus der Künstler) ... a model for psychiatric reforms based on art therapy as a means to reintegrate clients into society ...
American Visionary Art Museum - History
... for a visionary museum, an idea that eventually blossomed into the American Visionary Art Museum, or AVAM ... was greatly impressed by a 1980s visit to the Collection de l'art brut in Lausanne, Switzerland, which was established by French artist Jean Dubuffet ... To gauge the community’s interest in visionary art, Hoffberger and gallery owner George Ciscle held an exhibit in 1987 titled “American Outsider Art,” at which point she formally announced her plans for ...
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... link This Is Fake DIY link Initial critical response to Art Brut vs ... Pitchfork awarded the album a positive 7.7, stating in their review that "Frank Black gets the Art Brut spirit down on record better than anyone has before, with the blazing pop-meta ... "The Frank Black-helmed production lends Art Brut newfound confidence" ...
Jean Tirilly
... He painted in the Outsider Art tradition coined by the British art critic Roger Cardinal in 1974, first studied by the German psychiatrist and art historian Hans Prinzhorn in the 1920s, and popularized as Art Brut ... oeuvre stands among the strongest contemporary examples of Art Brut in Europe ... contrast to the commonly prescribed features of Art Brut, notably autodidacticism and dissociativism ...

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