Allocation may refer to:

In computers:

  • Delayed allocation
  • Block allocation map
  • File allocation table
  • IP address allocation
  • Memory allocation
  • C++ allocators
  • No-write allocation (cache)
  • Register allocation

In economics:

  • Economic system
  • Asset allocation
  • Allocation of resources
  • Market allocation scheme
  • Tax allocation district

In Telecommunication:

  • Call-sign allocation plan
  • Frequency allocation
  • Type allocation code


  • Resource allocation in strategic planning
  • The allocation of scarce resources in operations research
  • Allocation voting in voting
  • Location-allocation, used in geographic information systems (GIS)

Other articles related to "allocation, allocations":

Caisse D'allocations Familiales - The Allowances
... Right to allocations and their amount are subject to income Birth, Adoption, Childcare Allowance for the birth of a child (1710,49€ once) Allocation for a young child (171,06€/month) Adoption allocation Aid ... Allocation for raising children at home (between 134,13€ and 530,72€/month) Parental education allocation (between 256€ and 350,92€/month) Children Family allocations (between 119-152€/month ...
Stratford TMD - History - Great Eastern - Allocation 1922
... end of 1922 (the last year of the Great Eastern Railway) the shed at Stratford had an allocation of 555 locomotives and was the biggest shed on the ... The allocation consisted of Class (LNER classification) Wheel Arrangement Number allocated B12 4-6-0 23 D13 4-4-0 3 D14 4-4-0 8 D15 4-4-0 27 E4 2-4-0 12 F3 2-4-2T 8 F4 2-4-2T 109 F5 2-4-2T 27 F6 2-4-2T ...
London Buses Route 245 - History
... The allocation was later transferred to Harrow Weald, while North Wembley gained part of the allocation in 1991, and gained the whole allocation in 1999, converting the route to low floor single ...
London Buses Route 74 - Vehicles and Garaging
... Allocation was transferred to Chelverton Road (AF) and Riverside (R) and RT's were replaced by Routemasters in 1965 ... Chelverton Road (AF) gained the whole allocation and 30-foot Routemasters replaced RM's in 1967 ... Holloway (HT) gained part of the allocation in 1981 ...