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Cleveland Class Cruiser - Ships in Class
... USS Cleveland (CL-55) USS Columbia (CL-56) USS Montpelier (CL-57) USS Denver (CL-58) USS Amsterdam (CL-59) (reordered as the light aircraft carrier USS Independence (CVL-22)) USS Santa Fe (C ...
First Navy Jack - Modern Use
... The order disregards the USS Constitution, which will not display the flag ... Navy vessels 1981–1982 Destroyer tender USS Dixie (AD-14), commissioned 1940 1982–1993 Destroyer tender USS Prairie (AD-15), commissioned 1940 1993–1993 Submarine tender USS Orion (AS-18), commissioned ...
Cactus Air Force - Operations - August
... On August 20, Marine pilots from Marine Aircraft Group 23 with eighteen F4F Wildcat fighter planes of VMF-223 led by Major John L ... Colonel Richard Mangrum, flying from the escort aircraft carrier USS Long Island, landed at Henderson Field, and these warplanes were conducting combat missions. 24 by eleven SBD dive bombers that came from the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise because they were unable to land on their own carrier, with battle damage sustained during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons ...

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