AHM, a three-letter abbreviation, may refer to:

  • American Home Mortgage
  • Attribute Hierarchy Method
  • Atom Heart Mother
  • All Hail Megatron, a series of Transformers comics by IDW Publishing
  • Associated Hobby Manufacturers

Other articles related to "ahm":

Attribute Hierarchy Method - Differences Between The AHM and The Rule Space Method
... The AHM differs from Tatsuoka’s Rule Space Method (RSM) with the assumption of dependencies among the attributes within the cognitive model ... In other words, the AHM was derived from RSM by assuming that some or all skills may be represented in hierarchical order ... Modeling cognitive attributes using the AHM necessitates the specification of a hierarchy outlining the dependencies among the attributes ...
Tonny Ahm
... Tonny Kristine Ahm (f ... Olsen) (September 21, 1914 – 1993) was a female badminton player of Denmark ...
HOe Scale - A Brief History of HOn30
... Hayden and Dave Frary stumbled upon an Associated Hobby Manufacturer’s AHM "Minitrains" HOn2½ (now named HOn30) train set at a Woolworth's department store ... The AHM Minitrains line came along just a couple of years after N scale appeared in Europe ... AHM offered two industrial locomotives, a Plymouth diesel and a Baldwin steam locomotive ...
Ashraf Hotaki - Death
... Yazd and Kirmán, marched into Khurásán with an army of thirty thousand men to give battle to Ṭahmásp, but he was completely defeated by Nádir on October 2 at Dámghán ... When Ṭahmásp II entered Iṣfahán on December 9 he found only his old mother, who had escaped deportation by disguising herself as a servant, and was moved to tears at the desolation and desecration which ... Nádir, having finally induced Ṭahmásp to empower him to levy taxes on his own authority, marched southwards in pursuit of the retiring Afgháns, whom he overtook and again defeated near Persepolis ...
Povl Ahm - Life
... Born in Aarhus, Denmark, Povl Ahm attended the Polyteknisk Læreanstalt in Copenhagen, from where he graduated in 1949 ... Ahm married Birgit Moller in 1953, with whom he had two sons, Carsten Ahm and Peter Ahm ...