Affirmative can mean:

  • Pertaining to truth
  • Pertaining to an assertion
  • An answer that shows agreement or acceptance, such as "yes"
  • Affirmative (linguistics), a positive (non-negated) sentence or clause
  • Affirmative (policy debate), the team which affirms the resolution
  • Affirmative action

Other articles related to "affirmative":

Affirmative Prayer - Self-help
... William James described affirmative prayer as an element of the American metaphysical healing movement that he called the "mind-cure" he described it as ... of the self-help and self-improvement movements advocate affirmative prayer in addition to or instead of secular affirmations ...
Case (policy Debate)
... is a textual advocacy presented by the affirmative team as a normative or "should" statement, generally in the 1AC ... The case is the advocacy established by the affirmative in the First affirmative constructive speech, often constructed around the support of a policy recommendation known as the affirmative plan. 1AC defines the parameters for the bulk of an affirmative's argument, the term "case" can be used to cover the entirety of the affirmative argument more broadly, referring, for ...
Affirmative Prayer - In Hoodoo
... Affirmative prayer is used by practitioners of African American hoodoo, usually in conjunction with its opposite, which is called a prayer of removal ... or at sunset or at ebb tide ("As the sun goes down, this disease is removed from my body") and the affirmative prayer may be said during a waxing moon, at ... The explanation for this application of affirmative prayer is that God has ordained laws of natural inflow and outflow, and that by linking one's ...
Man On The Cliff - Affirmative Strategies
... The affirmative team has several responsibilities to the man on the cliff, each of which correspond to a stock issue ... consequences for the man (Harms) The affirmative plan will "push" the man away from the cliff, or cause him to start walking in the opposite direction (Solvency) It is important that the man not fall off the ...
Sentence Function - Declarative Vs. Affirmative Vs. Positive
... A declarative statement should not be deemed synonymous with an affirmative one ... Therefore, a declarative can be either in the affirmative or in the negative, and we can say that, Joanna is late and Joanna is not late, both technically qualify as ... a sentence's function or purpose, while affirmative and negative deal with a sentence's veracity, or grammatical polarity, which is why the different terms can overlap ...

Famous quotes containing the word affirmative:

    Some rough political choices lie ahead. Should affirmative action be retained? Should preference be given to people on the basis of income rather than race? Should the system be—and can it be—scrapped altogether?
    David K. Shipler (b. 1942)

    Whether or not the world would be vastly benefited by a total banishment from it of all intoxicating drinks seems not now an open question. Three-fourths of mankind confess the affirmative with their tongues, and I believe all the rest acknowledge it in their hearts.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    The new statement will comprise the skepticisms, as well as the faiths of society, and out of unbeliefs a creed shall be formed. For, skepticisms are not gratuitous or lawless, but are limitations of the affirmative statement, and the new philosophy must take them in, and make affirmations outside of them, just as much as must include the oldest beliefs.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)