4-meter Band - Equipment and Power

Equipment and Power

Access to the 4-metre band has always been limited by access to suitable 4-metre transceivers. A limited number of transceivers were purposely built for amateurs on this band while converted Private Mobile Radio equipment is in widespread use e.g. Phillips FM1000 and the Ascom SE550

In most countries the maximum power permitted on the band is lower than in other allocations to minimise the possibility of interference with non-amateur services, especially in neighbouring countries. Some low power FM commercial equipment is available for the band although it is of relatively simple specifications as generally suitable for communication of up to around 50 kilometres (31 mi) or so with simple antennas.

In the Sporadic E seasons communication around Europe is possible with such equipment. Currently, the only Japanese-made, "mass-market" amateur radio transceiver to cover the Four metre band as standard is the UK specification Yaesu FT-847 which was discontinued in 2005. Because of this, many 4-metre users gain access to the band by using converted "Low band" VHF ex-PMR (Private Mobile Radio) transceivers but invariably these only have either AM or FM and those users who prefer to have a multi-mode capability but can't afford a second hand Yaesu FT-847 normally use transverters, either purposely built home builds or sometimes even converted 6-metre or 2-metre versions.

In recent years there have been extensive imports of Chinese PMR transceivers such as the Wouxun KG-699E 4m (66 MHz-88 MHz) and KG-UVD1P1LV DUAL BAND (TX/RX 66-88 MHz /136-174 MHz) Handheld Transceiver to Western countries mainly so far in the UK and mainland Europe.

But in recent months Qixiang Electronics, the makers of the AnyTone and MyDel transceivers have exported the AnyTone 5189 PMR 4m (66 MHz-88 MHz) transceiver from China to the UK and to Europe.

Both Transceivers have been selling extensively well in the UK and in Europe.

There also have been rumours about a 4m/6m dual band multi-mode transceiver being released in late August or early September. It is not known at this time who is manufacturing this transceiver.

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